Are your kids ‘Hot on the Trail of Learning’?
 Take some time to celebrate with a fun and educational day, allowing them to be….

100th Day Detectives

Students look forward to the 100th Day of school, regardless of their age!  
Keep all your students engaged and learning with these fun detective themed resources
designed especially for the 100th Day of school.


Resources in this combined packet include:

Notebook Cover or File Folder Cover 
    Glue these to the front of a file folder to create 100th Day Secret Case Files for each student.

Bible Detectives
   Unscramble the Bible Verse
   Break the Code

   Middle Grades:
   Wisdom Scripture Search

Reading Detectives  (Elementary)
Reveal, Read, & Match               Tiny Words
100 Minutes of Reading            Investigate a Good Book
Hidden Words                            Rhyming Hunt

Writing Detectives (All Grades)
I Spy: Descriptive Paragraph 
Handwriting Analysis

History  Detectives
       Read and report on a person who lived 100 years ago 
   Middle Grades:
       Researching Life 100 Years Ago


Math Detectives
       100 Sticker Hunt                                 
       Roll & Count to 100
       The Cupcake Mystery (a Math ‘Clue’ Game)
 Gathering Groups of Ten 
       100 Footsteps

   Middle Grades:
       Costs and Wages 100 Years Ago vs Today
       Calculating a 100 Calorie Snack
       Using Operations to Create Equations Equaling 100 

Science Detectives
       Blindfolded Detective

    All Grades:
       Making and Using ‘Secret Ink’

Geography  Detectives (Middle Grades)
      Detect and Label 100 Features on a Map
      Locate and Describe 4 Locations 100 Miles Away

Music  Detectives
      Code Maker/Code Breaker 
   Middle Grades:
      Writing and Performing a Song with 25 Measures, Using 4 Beats per Measure

Art Detectives (Middle Grades)
     Sketching From a Photograph

Additional Ideas/Printables
      Fingerprint Suspects
      Tiny Clues
      Morse Code Messages
      Detective Food/Snack Ideas
      100th Day Detective Hats (Craft)
      Suggested Art Mystery Books & Games (Art Appreciation/Cooperation)
      Puzzle of Clues 
      Decorations: Printable Signs and Table Place-cards
      Coloring Sheet 

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100th Day Detectives