Are you searching for an opportunity for your children to…

  • practice and use correct spelling within the context of God’s Word?
  • focus on correct capitalization, spacing, punctuation, grammar, and handwriting?
  • study, memorize, copy, and type passage of Scripture in manageable sections?

JH Spelling through Scripture Cover
Try Joyful Heart
Spelling through Scripture!

With 27 Scripture selections, ranging from a few verses in length to entire chapters, Joyful Heart Spelling through Scripture could easily span several grade levels.  It is ideal for students in the 4th through 6th grades who already have a firm understanding of essential spelling and phonics rules (Our family personally uses and recommends Joyful Heart Spelling Skills .)

Once the foundational skills have been established, students still need practice within the context of writing.  We have chosen to review and practice skills by incorporating copywork, typing, and studied dictation of God’s Word using Joyful Heart Spelling through Scripture.

During copywork (either handwritten or typed), children are constantly referring to a correctly written model and visualizing the correct spelling of words as they write or type their own copy of the selected Scripture passage.

Dictation comes after copywork and a thorough review of the Bible selection.  Children study the verses before having the section dictated to them.  This is modeled after the Charlotte Mason method of prepared dictation.  The dictation aspect of Spelling through Scripture is similar to that in Joyful Heart Spelling Skills.  Dictation helps to solidify previously learned spelling rules in context.  Children check their own copywork and dictation against the original, using careful observation.  Students have a correct model to compare to as they work toward accuracy.

The concept of Spelling through Scripture is easy to implement and is packed full of literacy skill review!  Spelling through Scripture gives children the opportunity to focus on correct capitalization, spacing, punctuation, grammar, and handwriting.  It gives children the opportunity to practice and use correct spelling within the context of God’s Word.

JH Spelling through Scripture Cover
The curriculum is available as a Zip file
ready for download for just  $6.00.

Joyful Heart Spelling through Scripture

Just click the link above to purchase a downloadable PDF copy of Joyful Heart Spelling through Scripture.  You will receive 2 PDF files in a zip format …

Both files include instructions, printable passages broken down into manageable sections, copywork sheets, and lined border sheets.  Simply print double sided and you are ready to go!
1) Spelling through Scripture – Print 
2) Spelling through Scripture – Cursive