Looking for a way to delve deeper into the meanings of Jesus’ names
as you approach Christmas with your kids?  Try…

His Great Name: Jesus

While reading the Bible, you will find many names or titles given to Jesus.  His Great Name: Jesus (Volume 1) is a 13 day study of a few of those names.  During this study, upper elementary and middle school students (and younger siblings, if desired) will follow the birth of Jesus chronologically through Scripture readings, learn the meanings behind the titles and names given to Jesus, attempt to relate the spiritual truth learned about Jesus to their own lives, copy and memorize Luke 2:1-20, and sing related hymns of praise to Jesus.

This study, His Great Name: Jesus (Volume 1), pairs nicely with Celebrating Christmas (which is designed for younger children and contains hands on crafts and activities while memorizing Luke 2).  Older students using this study may desire to choose some crafts from Celebrating Christmas as well.  Don’t worry if your child has already learned Luke 2 through Celebrating Christmas.  This first volume of His Great Name will serve as a review and a bridge between the two types of advent studies! 

In His Great Name: Jesus (Volume 1) you will receive two PDFs (in a Zip file format) that contain the following resources… 

Leader Guide

  • 13 Leader Sheets with Scripture for exploring 15 names of Jesus
  • Scripture cards for memorizing Luke 2:1-20
  • Hymn sheets
  • Printable names of Jesus ornaments (color and black and white)

Preparation Resources

  • 3 Levels of Student Devotional Sheets – 1 for each name studied
  • 3 Levels of Copywork/Memorization Sheets for Luke 2:1-20
  • Additional Resources:  Names of Jesus Word Search, Names of Jesus Crossword, Coloring Sheets, I Have Who Has? review cards, etc.

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His Great Name: Jesus